Telos, the Great Isle, is a massive island continent that is shaped roughly like a diamond. Except for a small section of open beach along its northwest edge, Telos is completely surrounded by barrier islands of all sizes. These islands are collectively referred to as the Sister Shores. Telos’ coast frames a land that spans thousands of miles and contains a myriad of environments and climates.

Between Telos and the Sister Shores is a strange, river-like intercoastal waterway called the Circlet Sea, which wraps around the continent.

One of Telos’ most prominent features is the The Timespine, a massive mountain chain that runs North-South along the isle’s Eastern side.

Telos is the domain of humanfolk. However, other races live on the island as well. On Telos, humanfolk have held the reigns of power since the advent of the strongshire concept.


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